The Wall of Floyd - stunning tonight at The Groundlings really deserve a chance at a big venue, the next band to make it big. Go guys... you're awesome.

Anthony (Portsmouth)

You guys are amazing, totally blown away. I hope you keep doing these sort of gigs, you proper rock.

Stacey (Oxford)

Wow, what can I say, this was one of the best concerts I've been to in a long time, note for note, spot on. You were all great. A very big KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GANG. Will be coming to see you again, thank you.

Dean (Fareham)

Excellent show tonight in Weymouth guys!!!

Terry (Weymouth)

Brilliant concert tonight, well done all.

Paul (Fareham)

Just went to the gig in Weymouth, sat in the second row. Thought it was fantastic, couldn't stop smiling throughout.

Martin (Weymouth)

Very good show, great harmonies.

Steve (Epsom)

Brilliant gig at the Weymouth Pavilion tonight. Great music guys, Really authentic sound and the grand finale, Comfortably Numb, was outstanding. Check these guys out, you won't be disappointed.

Pete (Weymouth)

Great gig last night in Epsom. Very talented band.

Patrick (Epsom)

Just seen you in Weymouth, brilliant! Can't wait to see you again. Thanks for a really great eveing, great band.

Jan (Weymouth)

What a great night, excellent musicians and vocals, Floyd to a tee.

Shirley (Fareham)

Honestly the best gig ever, better or as close to the real thing as we'll ever get, legends!!

Stacey (Oxford)

Excellent gig tonight in Weymouth, loved it!!